Final Project

10 12 2008

Here is mine and Janine’s final project….not gonna lie, this took way longer than it should have for a 2 and a half minute video. Maybe because we are both perfectionists and everything had to be perfect, and also because we both weren’t familiar with a Mac before we started our project, but 11 hours later we finally finished it!


My Future Classroom

2 12 2008

Since the beginning of the semester, my views on what my future classroom will look like have changed quite a bit. ECMP 355, cross cultural education and my education language class have all shown me that there is so much diversity in Saskatchewan classrooms nowadays, that we need to be open to change in the classroom as well as open to having ever changing technology in the classroom. I want to make sure that all cultures and languages are present in my classroom so everyone feels welcome and valued. This will be a challenge, but will be beneficial for all the students in the end.

One thing that I have learned from ECMP and from my blogging mentorship is that I would really like to have a classroom blog set up for the students sake and also for the parents. I think that this is a great idea and I think most students would enjoy being a part of it. By each student having their own blog, they can showcase their individual talents, thoughts and ideas. They can also get feedback from people all over the world which would be a motivator to want them to blog more regularly. As for the parents, with a classroom blog set up they can stay up to date with what is going on in their child’s school life whether it be in the classroom, extra curricular activities or just basic news around the school.

I would also like to have smart board in my classroom. I don’t have too much experience with them but think that it could be a useful tool to use. I have a few friends who are teachers and they always say how much they love using the smart boards and how much time they save using them as opposed to a black board or white board.

I may also try and incorporate cell phones, Mp3 players, digital cameras and video cameras into my class if ever possible. Students may not be aware of all of the options that these tools have and how they can be used for educational purposes. I know I wasn’t until this year! I also think that once the students understand that these tools can be used in the classroom for learning purposes and that their teacher is giving them the opportunity to use them in the classroom, then they may begin to respect the teacher more when they are to not use them in class, for example such as cell phones.


2 12 2008

So I am still trying to do my podcast for ECMP. I don’t know if it was my computer or what, but it kept freezing up when I was trying to record on podomatic so I am still going to try and figure this one out! Did anyone find a certain program easier to record with or to put onto your blog?

Mastercard Commercial

2 12 2008

So here is my Mastercard commercial we had to make for ECMP 355……enjoy!

iTunes Podcast #2

1 12 2008

For the second iTunes Podcast review, I chose to listen to “The Law of Attraction” from Richard Lloyd Jones’ Thinking With Somebody Else’s Head. I chose to listen to this podcast because I have been very interested in the law of attraction for a couple of years now, ever since The Secret came out. I originally thought that this review would be about the positives about the secret, but it was actually about the negatives associated with it. One point that he made that I really agreed with was when he disagreed with the point made in the secret about how we are the centre of the universe and the world revolves around us. He said that we are in fact part of a large universe and the world does not revolve around us. I agree with this because it proves why so many people in the world are selfish and inconsiderate nowadays because they think that the world revolves around them and that they should get whatever they want in life. He talks about how if we only use the secret to our personal benefit and continually wanting more in life, then that will get us nowhere and the world will continue to have poverty, war and injustice. I also agree with this point in that we need to use the secret to benefit everyone in the world, and not just for ourselves. He also talks about how the secret says that anyone in the world is able to get anything they want in life, if they just think positively and use the law of attraction. He said that this is impossible, as every human being has their limits and may have a goal in mind that is unattainable. Of course this may be true for everyone as we may have certain dreams or goals that are a little far fetched, but isn’t that part of living your life is thinking about what you want, what you want to be, or where you want to go? That’s what keeps you going in your life is always having a goal to reach.

I agree with some of the points that he made in his talk, but I also still believe that the secret is a very positive and good thing for people to have in their lives. We are continually surrounded by negativity in this world through the media, whether we know it or not. Having a positive outlook on life and having certain goals in mind allows people to have something to work towards, and not always having the negatives in life to focus on. The positives in life always outweigh the negatives, and I think people need to see that more nowadays.

iTunes Podcast #1

1 12 2008

I decided to listen to “Is Sleep that Important?” from Stuff you Should Know. This topic interested me because I know its a very busy and stressful time of year for all university students and a lack of sleep is not uncommon, so I wanted to see what they had to say about that! They talk about how there have been a number of studies done to prove why we need sleep, but nothing has really been proven. The main theory that has been thought up is that our brain is like a computer….it takes in all of the information during the day and needs a chance to cool down and process everything at night. A study with lab rats showed that a rat that went without sleep for 3 weeks died from a lack of sleep. So obviously this proves that we need sleep to survive! Getting too much sleep in a night can also be a bad thing though. We need to make sure that our bodies get the right amount of sleep each night to function, which is about 8 hours a night. So all this talk about sleep is now making me even more tired……but I will be up all night, and for the rest of this week, doing homework! Oh, the life of a university student!!!

25 11 2008

For my ECMP class we had to put together four pictures to represent who we are and what has made us who we are today… here are my pictures!